1. This year will be filled with questions, and you will need a lot of books and knowledge on “grace”. 
  2. So many efforts in science and government will be inadequate this year, but grace will be readily available.
  3. Science and government will fail in so many areas this year, but when you just lean on grace, grace will get you to win the race.
  4. “This year 2022 will be the year of many waters”, says the Lord, but you must pray with knowledge.
  5. The Lord said there will be a breakthrough this year in medical science and people will no longer be dying due to heart conditions.  I am giving fresh revelation from space.
  6. Pray for the President of your country, that the Lord will preserve him beyond September this year.  That President is still relevant for the sake of the downtrodden.
  7. If you are believing God for the fruit of the womb, don’t force it with pills so that you won’t end up with abnormal children.  Approach it with so much faith and there shall be grace.
  8. Everyone having a trip this year, the Lord said, “Study the journey of Paul to Rome and have faith”, that if He is the one that sends you, you cannot crash on the way.
  9. The Lord said He will remove every dust off your approval.  He said, “I am bringing the wall down.”
  10. It is a year that shall be filled with errors for unbelievers, but your own efforts will encounter grace.
  11. Pray for Portugal and Australia this year against fire disaster.
  12. “The blood of the innocent are crying from jailhouses”, says the Lord.  He said he will expose so many authorities that are using their power to kill the innocent, especially the females that are innocent,
  13. The Lord said before you start a business this year ask Him for the name of the business.


  1. Lord, take over my attitude; let no whining spirit cross over with me into 2022. 
  2. Lord God, in 2022, build me by Your grace, not according to human race. 
  3. Father, my Creator, delete my mockery before daybreak.  Father, Lord, whatever people are using to mock me, Father delete it.
  4. Lord, in this year of many waters let Your kindness bring me showers of peace. 
  5. Lord, protect me from the spirit of anger.
  6. In Your name Lord Jesus, I decree efforts without errors, that is my portion
  7. Lord God, grant me mega rewards that will break records in 2022.
  8. Father, give me the soul of everyone that entered this year with me.

Prophecies for 2021

Prophecies for 2021 (THE YEAR OF GRACE)

The year 2021, according to the revelation from God given to Pastor Emmanuel Rotimi Onabanjo since October 2020

  1. You are going to be released and to rebuild
  2. In 2021, you will be rebuilt, you will be released. You are going to be fortified to release and to rebuild.  No matter what is going on this year you are under this canopy of grace.  You are under this wonderful anointing.  You will be the Nehemiah.  You will be among the priests.  You will be the Daniel that will not die but will reveal the glory of God.
  3. The year, 2021, is going to be a very sunny year.  The weather is going to be hot. 
  4. There will be big floods – all forms of floods.
  5. There will be numerous replacements.
  6. Major appearances will be witnessed – fearful from space and very brief signs.
  7. There will be fresh respect and glory for my church.
  8. Never before seen powerful and inexplicable moves deep inside the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. These things will happen, and it will cover continents.
  9. The year 2021, will begin the era of great restructuring all over the world.
  10. Voices will be heard.
  11. There will be grace for new inventions – things that the world has never witnessed before.  These inventions will help in terms of science, industries and schools.
  12. There will be abundance of grace for the diligent.
  13. There will be a major rise from the Middle East.  This will make the Middle East to be above so many world powers economically, scientifically.  
  14. Power is going to change hands.