Prophecies for 2021

Prophecies for 2021 (THE YEAR OF GRACE)

The year 2021, according to the revelation from God given to Pastor Emmanuel Rotimi Onabanjo since October 2020

  1. You are going to be released and to rebuild
  2. In 2021, you will be rebuilt, you will be released. You are going to be fortified to release and to rebuild.  No matter what is going on this year you are under this canopy of grace.  You are under this wonderful anointing.  You will be the Nehemiah.  You will be among the priests.  You will be the Daniel that will not die but will reveal the glory of God.
  3. The year, 2021, is going to be a very sunny year.  The weather is going to be hot. 
  4. There will be big floods – all forms of floods.
  5. There will be numerous replacements.
  6. Major appearances will be witnessed – fearful from space and very brief signs.
  7. There will be fresh respect and glory for my church.
  8. Never before seen powerful and inexplicable moves deep inside the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. These things will happen, and it will cover continents.
  9. The year 2021, will begin the era of great restructuring all over the world.
  10. Voices will be heard.
  11. There will be grace for new inventions – things that the world has never witnessed before.  These inventions will help in terms of science, industries and schools.
  12. There will be abundance of grace for the diligent.
  13. There will be a major rise from the Middle East.  This will make the Middle East to be above so many world powers economically, scientifically.  
  14. Power is going to change hands.